How to use


How to use a non-contact forehead thermometer correctly:

  1. Measurements must be taken indoors only, due to operating range. Never use outdoors.
  2. The thermometer must be in a the room where the measurement is taken for 20-25min prior to first measurement.

  3. Do not take measurements under heater/air conditioning/breeze/direct sunlight/outdoors.

  4. The person whose temperature is being measured must be in the room for at least 5-10min prior to their measurement.

  5. Make sure to read instruction manual for correct distance between forehead and thermometer.

  6. When taking measurements of several people, between measurements, avoid holding thermometer in hands for long periods, so that it does not increase in temperature.

  7. Clean all sweat, make-up etc from the forehead and wait a few minutes before taking the temperature measurement.