The No Touch Thermometer® measures body temperature NON-INVASIVELY, with no direct contact, making it SAFE & HYGIENIC.

Using advanced infrared technology, the No Touch thermometer® measures the infrared heat and converts this measurement into an oral equivalent temperature.
The No Touch Thermometer is ACCURATE and meets the accuracy requirements of ASTM E-1965-98 standard.

How Does it Work?
Using advanced technology the No Touch thermometer® measures the temperature of the infra red heat given off by the arterial blood supply under the temple skin and converts this temperature into an oral equivalent temperature.

Temporal artery thermometry is

  • Hygienic, safe and economic.
  • User and patient friendly.
  • Suitable from pediatrics to geriatrics
  • Ideal for the uncooperative patients and children, no need to stand still,wake up or touch.
  • Currently servicing hospitals, aged care facilities and many GP’s.
  • No need to stand still, wake up or touch.
  • No Trauma, No pain, No Tears, No Touch.

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View our Non-contact forehead thermometer to assist during COVID-19 crisis.

Certified Through TGA

All our NoTouch Thermometers have been certified through TGA and registered on the ARTG.

Thank You from Delmont Private Hospital

Delmont wishes to thank the local community for their patience and support during this challenging time. In this time of need, it is great to see local companies and community organizations support each other.

Thank you to Hadar at No Touch Thermometer for donating a ‘no contact thermometer’ to the hospital to assist with our COVID 19 screening. This effort has provided ongoing health and safety for all.