About No Touch Thermometers- Temple.

All No Touch Thermometers models which are Non-contact thermometers are available in

all pharmacies and through all medical suppliers as scanners and instant 1 second

The No Touch Thermometers are available in two forms:

1. Scanning Thermometers

2. Instantaneous Thermometers.

  • Scanning Thermometers: Models NT990 NT1020 scan the temple from a short distance without contact for a few seconds for a better measurement when maximum clinical accuracy is important. Using advanced infrared technology, the scanning No Touch Thermometer measures the infrared heat emitted by the temporal artery and converts this measurement into an oral equivalent temperature, it’s designed to scan the temple region from a short distance at a rate of 32 scans per second, and this technology enables detection of even the slightest fluctuation in body temperature.
  • Instantaneous Thermometers: Models NT001 NTV01 are designed to take a “snapshot measurement”. This measurement is taken by an external temperature probe on the device, which analyses and registers ambient temperature. When the user aims the thermometer at the temple, this activates the radiation (energy) sensor. The temperature measurement is taken instantly by detection of the infrared heat generated by arterial blood flow. Body heat can therefore be measured without any interference from the heat of the surrounding environment.

Initial Set-up

Please pull the No Touch Thermometer out of the box and keep it in a room (not enclosed), away from children, avoid direct sunlight, fireplace heat and direct air conditioner flow.

Please make sure you use the thermometer indoors only.

• Prior to use, the thermometer must be in the room (measurement site), not in a draw Or cupboard, for 20 – 25 minutes, to become conditioned to the room temperature. Failure to do so may cause inaccuracy.

• The person whose temperature is being taken should be in the same indoor environment (room temperature) as the thermometer for at least 5 minutes prior to measurement being taken.

• Temples and forehead must be cleaned from make-up and sweat a few minutes prior to measurement.

• Avoid taking measurement for 30 minutes after physical exercise, bathing or eating.

• For repeated measurements on the same person, allow the thermometer to switch off and wait 2 minutes before scanning again.

• Always scan the same temple when repeating and comparing measurements on the same person.

• Never compare measurements using the No Touch Thermometer® and other methods of thermometry, such as Axillary (underarm), Oral, Rectal or Tympanic (Ear). Temperature ranges vary between each method of thermometry. Therefore, it is incorrect to compare temperature readings, of the same person, using different methods of thermometry.

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